Through the years FORTIS LLC has been engineering/designing and selling all types of heat exchangers, vacuum pumps (new & rebuilt), Filtration, Fuel Gas Conditioning and engineered process equipment in the Power, Pulp & Paper and Industrial Industries.

We offer a "Single Source" opportunity at wholesale costs for our engineered process equipment and packages.  Our expertise has been diversified in several applications and processes where we have the ability to offer multiple options for the mechanical scope of supply listed below:

  1. HEAT EXCHANGERS:  Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame, Air/Air, Air/Liquid, Reboilers.
  2. HP & LP Feedwater Heaters
  3. Surface / Main Condensers
  4. DA’s
  5. ASME Pressure Vessels/Tanks
  6. Distillation Columns
  7. Filters / Strainers
  8. Fuel Gas Performance Heat Exchanger Skid Packages with valves, leak detection, etc…
  9. Fuel Gas Conditioning Equipment Packages from Pipe-Line to Turbine(s) - (Knock-Out Vessels, Automatic Drain Tanks, Fuel Gas Filters)
  10. Fuel Gas Metering/Regulating Stations
  11. Closed Cooling Heat Exchangers/Packages
  12. Vertical Separator/Scrubber Skids
  13. Packages Pump Stations/Skids (Waste Water, Demin Water, Service/Process/Raw/Potable Water, Ammonia, Blowdown, etc…)
  14. Sump Pump Packages /Lift Stations (HRSG, Demin, Condensate, Turbine Oily Waste, Demin, Water Treatment, Sanitary Waste Water)
  15. Diesel/Electric Fire Pump Packages with Pump House included
  16. Vacuum Pumps and Systems/Packages
  17. PUMPS: Boiler Feed Pumps, Centrifugal, SplitCase, Vertical Turbine, Vertical Multi-Stage Cent., Seal-Less Pumps.
  18. Scrubbers / ESP’s
  19. Ceramic Insulation for pipe, heat exchangers, vessels/tanks.  (Sprayed on Ceramic Insulation/Coating/Personnel Protection.  We have our own applicators for this for onsite install)
  20. Centrifuges (High Speed Separators)

Our internal engineers design heat exchangers, and ASME pressure vessels/tanks.  We have well-established relationships with companies throughout the United States and Canada, and are well known for delivering high quality-engineered product at competitive costs.