L-Series Oil-Flooded Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Airtech's L-Series rotary vane oil-flooded vacuum pump is a real workhorse. Reliability and durability are ensured by its simple design. Our L-Series Pump has integral exhaust filters, vibration isolators, and composite vane material which promotes longevity. The Airtech pump has an operating capacity range of 7-460 CFM while obtaining an end vacuum of 0.5 Torr.

L-Series Features

  • Composite vane material for long life
  • Oil level sight glass
  • Vibraton isolators
  • Anti-suck back valve
  • Integral exhaust filters
  • TEFC high-efficiency tri-voltage motor
  • (208-230-460V 50/60)
  • Exhaust pressure gauge
  • Wire mesh inlet screen
  • Spin-on oil filter