3BA Regenerative Blowers

High pressure regenerative blowers manufactured by Airtech make up the 3BA series regenerative vacuum/pressure blowers. Our regenerative blowers are an ideal alternative to standard rotary vane pumps and PD/rotary lobe blowers. It's innovative light weight and compact design adds to the ease of operation. 3BA regenerative blowers can quickly be added to your system with its easy to install close-coupled construction. The cool running outboard bearings increase service life. Free is a word that everyone likes to see when they are looking at a product, and this one is OIL FREE, MAINTENANCE FREE, and operates at an industry low dB(A) sound level. The 3BA has an operating capacity range of up to 1500 CFM and can achieve an end vacuum up to 20" Hg or a pressure of 13 PSIG.