Power Generation

Through the years our Company has been engineering/designing and selling all types of heat exchangers, pump packages, fuel gas conditioning equipment, and engineered process equipment for several Power Generations Facilities throughout the USA.

We offer a "Single Source" opportunity at wholesale costs for our engineered mechanical equipment and packages. Our expertise has been diversified in several applications and processes where we have supplied the following equipment:

  1. HEAT EXCHANGERS: Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame, Air/Air, Air/Liquid, Reboilers.
  2. HP & LP Feedwater Heaters & Main Condensers
  3. DA’s
  4. ASME Pressure Vessels/Tanks
  5. Distillation Columns
  6. Filters / Strainers
  7. Fuel Gas Performance Heat Exchanger Skid Packages with valves, leak detection, etc...
  8. Fuel Gas Conditioning Equipment Packages from Pipe-Line to Turbine(s) - (Knock-Out Vessels, Automatic Drain Tanks, Fuel Gas Filters and Metering/Regulating Stations)
  9. Closed Cooling Heat Exchangers/Packages
  10. Vertical Separator/Scrubber Skids
  11. Packages Pump Stations/Skids (Waste Water, Demin Water, Service/Process/Raw Water, Ammonia, Blowdown, etc...)
  12. Sump Pump Packages
  13. Sanitary Lift Stations
  14. Diesel/Electric Fire Pump Packages with Pump House included
  15. Vacuum Pumps and Systems/Packages
  16. PUMPS: Boiler Feed Pumps, Centrifugal, SplitCase, Vertical Turbine, Vertical Multi-Stage Cent., Seal-Less Pumps.
  17. Scrubbers / ESP’s
  18. Ceramic Insulation for pipe, heat exchangers, vessels/tanks. (Sprayed on Ceramic Insulation/Coating. We have our own applicators for this for onsite install)
  19. Centrifuges (High Speed Separators)

Our internal engineers design heat exchangers, and ASME pressure vessels/tanks. We have well-established relationships with companies throughout the United States and Canada, and are well known for delivering high quality-engineered product at competitive costs.