Main Steam Condensers

Main Steam Condensers

Main Steam Condenser available in cylindrical and rectangular condensers design for Industrial and Power Generation Facilities with condenser design capabilities over 500,000 sq. ft. in size.

Subject Details

  • ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1
  • Heat Exchanger Institute (HEI) Standards
  • TEMA Standards, Class B, C and R
  • ASME “U” stamp and National Board “R” stamp equipment
  • Qualified to the following standards:

    • AWS D1.1
    • 10 CFR 50
    • NQA-1
    • ASME Section VIII, Division I
    • Technical Standards 248 and 278
    • MIL-Q – 9858A
    • MIL-I – 45208A
  • Engineering and Design Development From Concept to Detailed Design and Manufacturing Support of Final Product Using the Following Capabilities:

    • PRO ENGINEER – Solids Modeling Software
    • AUTO CAD – 3D Drafting Software
    • HTRI – Heat Transfer Research Institutes’ Heat Transfer and Thermal Sizing Software
    • MATHCAD – A Mathematical Equation Solution Report Writer