Pumps / Packaged Pump Stations

FORTIS makes sure each system contains the right combination of pumps, motors, and controls. accepts complete responsibility for every pump system component. To reduce the chance of property damage or personal injury, each  system bears numerous industry certifications: ISO-9001, NSF/ANSI 61 IAPMO N-5169, Stamped HydroCumulator Tanks, NSF Certified components, California Low Lead Plumbing Law (AB 1953/116875 • IAPMO# 6940), and OSHA and NEC compliance. Both ETL and UL certify the finished product for compliance to all applicable standards. You will be that your pump station passes unique performance testing and quality standards before shipment. Every pump system and its component parts have gone through a complete electric and hydraulic test. Testing includes a flow test from zero to 100% design flow rate under specified suction and net delivery pressure conditions. This is beyond the industry standard hydrostatic (pressure-only) test.

  • Fire Pump Packages (UL/FM/NFPA)
  • Closed Cooling Water
  • Demin Water
  • Service Water
  • Process Water
  • Raw Water
  • Ammonia
  • Blowdown
  • Potable Water
  • Fuel Oil Forwarding
  • Fuel Oil Unloading

Sump Pump Packages

  • HRSG Blowdown
  • Aux. Blowdown
  • Turbine Oily Waste
  • Water Treatment
  • Sanitary Lift Stations

Engineered Ammonia Pump Skid

Engineered Cooling Water Pump Skid

Engineered Demineralized Water Pump Skid

Engineered Fuel Oil Forwarding Pump Skid

Engineered Fuel Oil Unloading Pump Skid

Engineered Potable Water Booster Pump Skid

Engineered Service Water Pump Skid

Engineered Sanitary Lift Stations

Engineered Sump Pump Packages