Air to Liquid

AKG Thermal Systems offers a wide variety of brazed Air-cooled aluminum coolers for Oil, Air (compressed and charged air) and Water/Glycol mixtures.

AKG is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance industrial aluminum cooling systems. AKG is best known for its world-wide presence, German engineering and extremely reliable product quality on the one hand and competitive prices on the other hand.

The AKG series consist of different models for mobile and stationary applications and are available through our global specialist dealer network. This line of products embraces all-purpose complete cooling systems that comply with European or American Standards, is suited for normal or rugged environmental operating conditions, and is powered by AC-, DC- or hydraulic motor- driven fans and is also available with noise optimized models.

All of AKG’s solutions have been developed with state of- the-art technology, produced in compliance with the highest quality standards and are comprehensively tested in the company’s own research and test facility.


  • High-performance Aluminum cooling assemblies
  • Compact and robust design, field-tested during many years of use in rugged real life conditions
  • Largest and most comprehensive series of industrial and mobile hydraulic coolers
  • Best heat transfer results per given cooler size due to comprehensive research and development
  • Highest quality due to professional engineering and in-house manufacturing
  • Noise-optimized models available (low-noise series)
  • As a standard, equipped with AKG’s patented double-life hollow sections designed to increase cooler service life
  • Available from stock or at short notice

AKG Thermal Systems offers a full line of standard catalog aluminum Bar/Plate Air to Oil coolers and Stainless Steel Water to Oil coolers for all industrial applications.

Applications include:

    • Hydraulic Presses
    • Kidney Loop, Offline Recirculation cooling
    • Gearbox Cooling
    • Lube Oil Cooling
    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Case Drain Cooling
    • Injection Molding
    • CNC Machining
    • Compaction, Shredding, and Baling Equipment