Ceramic Insulation/Coatings

FORTIS LLC offers ceramic insulation and coating products and ceramic insulation options. Whether you require  corrosion protection of assets or you want to maintain appearance with industrial coatings, we  have the solution that will provide the service required. We have all the best protective coatings, insulations, linings, and more,  whether your market is water tower painting, electrical tower maintenance, general corrosion protection by protective coatings or industrial floor coatings. Roof coatings are sometimes referred to as spray applied roofing or spray on roofing because they are a fluid applied roofing membrane installed by using an airless sprayer. The airless sprayer allows for a smooth, continual flow of coating to spray out of the machine and spread across the existing roof substrate evenly, creating a new, monolithic, seamless, waterproofing roof membrane.

  • Ceramic Spray-on Insulations (Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Vessels, Columns, Steam Piping, etc...)
  • Specialty Flooring and Coating Systems
  • Spray-on Roofing membranes
  • Waterproofing and Vapor/Air Barrier Systems
  • Internal Pump linings
  • No Priming, Semi-Permeable, Stops Corrosion