LNG & NGL Vaporizers

A world leader offering Heat Exchanger, Reactor, and Column Manufacturing. Most recently, there were two 40-foot-long, 80-ton heat exchangers supplied for a US export terminal for natural gas liquids for online operation in 2015.

The gas revolution continues to unfold in North America, and FORTIS offers a continuous flow of shell and tube heat exchangers and columns for LNG and NGL customers worldwide.

LNG plant design requires throughput and effi­ciency which are critical to profits. FORTIS' shell and tube heat exchangers are robustly designed to promote high thermal efficiency, eliminate vibration mechanisms, minimize shell size, and optimize fluid temperature approaches.

LNG Liquification or Regasification: whether employing enhanced heat transfer methods or designing for two­-phase hydrocarbons in large shell and tube heat exchangers, FORTIS' thermal designers have extensive experience that allows the process arrangement to take advantage of our application knowledge.

Technical Support

FORTIS offers a complete set of engineering services, including thermal design (HTRI/HTFS), mechanical design, finite element analysis (ANSYS), flow-in­duced vibrations analysis, and advanced pressure vessels analysis.

We Listen

We constantly collaborate with our customers in new design approaches, new fabrication technologies, new material utilization, and special projects. Our employees represent a valuable part of the organi­zation.

Main Processes

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