Liquid Process Filters

Graver Technologies designs, engineers, and manufactures an extensive line of filter cartridges and housings to provide high performance and cost effective solutions for a wide array of applications in the food and beverage, chemical, microelectronics, and healthcare markets. The liquid process filters are available with a wide range of media types including melt blown depth filter cartridges, resin bonded filter cartridges, microfiberglass and polypropylene pleated cartridges as well as membrane filter cartridges with PTFE, polyethersulfone or nylon membrane.

  • Depth Filters – Cylindrical products with tortuous path for capturing wide range of particle sizes and gelatinous contaminant
  • Pleated Filters - Pleated configuration provides higher surface area than depth filters for greater dirt holding capacity and longer on-stream life
  • Membrane Filters – Absolute rated membrane filters provide precise, repeatable, sub-micron level filtration
  • Specialty Filters – Materials of construction provide unique performance benefits
  • Filter Housings – Single and multi cartridge industrial and sanitary housings to fit a wide range of applications

AEGIS Precoat Septa and Filters for Condensate Polishing Systems – Graver is the leader in precoatable and backwashable septa and filters for condensate polishing applications in power generation. AEGIS ®wound precoat septa for precoat demineralizers are available with a variety of end fitting designs to fit the different OEM supplied systems. Graver’s backwashable cartridge septa , AEGIS® DualGuard and AFA® pleated polypropylene, are designed for use in condensate systems with or without resin precoats. PowerGuard sintered stainless steel elements are available for underdrain strainers and specialty nuclear applications including reactor water clean-up (RWCU) precoatable filter demineralizer systems.