Ecosorb® Multi-Functional Purification Media

Ecosorb® Media Overview – Ecosorb multifunctional purification media combines adsorption, ion exchange, and/or filtration media in a single, dust-free product. By combining the superior kinetics of fine particles with excellent filterability and flow characteristics, purification processes run longer and deliver better quality effluents, with reduced waste and product loss.

C-Series: Pharmaceutical Processing – Designed for purification and separation of pharmaceutical API's and intermediates.

Ecosorb C Series products are formulated to address various process purification demands in both organic and aqueous systems, including removal of residual precious metal catalyst, color bodies, and other organic by-products.

S-Series: Food / Beverage Processing – For purification of food and beverage ingredients and finished products, including decolorization, removal of undesirable taste and odor compounds, and the removal of cations, anions, and organic contaminants.

W-Series: Metal Finishing / Wastewater / Chemical Applications – For the selective removal of a broad range of contaminants from industrial applications.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) – Granular activated carbon available in drums.

E-Pak® Process Scale Adsorbent Cartridges for Pharmaceutical Processing

E-Pak® Process Scale Adsorbents Cartridges for Pharmaceutical Processing Overview – Proprietary Adsorbent formulations in a solid, radial flow cartridge combining the advantages of fine particle kinetics and column efficiencies in an easy-to-use form with low hydraulic pressure drop. Design flow rates and capacities are suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and full-scale commercial operations with excellent scalability from lab-scale to full production scale.

Metsorb® Arsenic and Lead Removal Media

Metsorb® HMRG – is a highly effective, low-cost granular adsorbent that removes arsenic III & V, and a wide variety of heavy metals including Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium +6, Selenium, and Zinc from water sources.

Metsorb® HMRP – is a free-flowing powder designed for incorporation into pressed or extruded carbon blocks. The addition of HMRP at relatively low levels to a carbon block design is very effective for the reduction of lead, and at higher HMRP usage levels effective for reduction of arsenic, meeting the requirements of NSF Standard 42.